Property Management

Routine inspections:

We conduct regular property inspections to ensure that your

investment is being well looked after. Once we have leased
your property, we schedule an inspection 2 – 3 months

from the lease commencement date.

If we take over the management of your property, we

conduction an inspection within 2 weeks of collecting

the keys & file.


Subsequent routine inspections are scheduled every six months thereafter, or

as required.

Following each routine inspection, you are providing with a report detailing the condition of the property complete photographs

The report also includes recommended routine maintenance that will ensure your property remains well looked after and obtains the best rental return.

Strict arrears control:

We review arrears daily and have a system of regular contact with our tenants to ensure that they pay their rent on time. 


Should an issues arise, owners are notified immediately and are updated on all actions taken to resolve the matter.


Our rigorous qualifying procedures undertaken during the application process effectively reduce the likelihood of such issues.

Repairs and maintenance:

We engage the services of trusted, qualified, and fully insured tradespeople.

Our contractors provide our clients with competitive quotes

and efficient service with minimal disruption to your tenants.


For all upgrades we obtain a minimum of 2 -3 quotations.

If you have a preferred tradesperson, friend or family member

in the right business, we can coordinate with them on your behalf.

Being a Licensed Strata Manager, Nathan can very quickly identify whether

any issues that may arise within a Strata Building could in fact be the responsibility of the Owners Corporation. This saves time, money & paperwork.


Our team of tradespeople are on standby to assist in case of an emergency day or night.


Accounting procedures:


Our accounting procedures ensure your monthly

owner statements are delivered error free

with all corresponding invoices attached.


Your property accounts council & water rates,

landlord’s insurance policy renewals & strata levies

are paid on your behalf, on time.


We also provide an annual end of financial year statement free of

charge to assist your accountant.

Disputes with tenants:

We shield you from any disputes with your tenants, most of which can be solved expediently when handled with professionalism and diplomacy.


We will give you expert advice and represent you at the tenancy tribunal if necessary.






Changing managing agents:

Don’t put up with average service, it will cost you time & money!

Changing managing agents is free & easy!

We take care of all the details for you.